In 1999
They formed music duo group SAKURANBO,in Shizuoka Prefecture in Japan that was their hometowns. Then they performed in the local event.

In 2000N`2001
Because of Aki's studying of school, they had their halt activity temporarily.

In 2002

In November
They moved to Tokyo, and SAKURANBO was formed again. They began a real music activity.

In 2003

In July
They performed to Japanese television program NHK "SummerSong Battle" .

In December
The omnibus CD(LIVE) 'Summer Song Battle final pick up 7' was released from NHK publication.

In 2004
They performed to Japanese television program NHK "NESSHOW ON-AER BATTLE" by regular . And, they also concentrate on the music activity.

In 2005
In February
SAKURANBO mini-album "Haruichiban-ga-huitara(When the first spring storm blows)" was released from Nippon Columbia Music Entertainment Co..

Present Days
They are acting aggressively now.

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